His Precious One…


Welcome dear friends!

I am honored to be guest posting as part of a series on depression at Lisa Brown’s blog, Me Too Moments for Moms.  Lisa is one of many wonderful people I have met over the past couple of months, since I began blogging. She has done an absolutely beautiful job putting this series together, which shares real life stories of depression, as well as God’s love and presence through it all. These stories are heartbreaking at times, yet abounding in hope. I encourage you to read them. It is with great humility that I share her introduction, followed by my experience of dealing with depression…

Depression Series

Today my friend Kamea is bringing a gift of hope for all of us that seek a deeper walk with God in times of heartache.  She knows God as the lover of her soul.  He has rescued His Beloved daughter and brought her into His holiness.  She is a mighty warrior for God’s Kingdom and her desire is to encourage brokenhearted souls to never give up.  Her story is truly a love story!  God pulled her out of a pit. 

Lisa Brown

My Story…

When I was just five years old, my life was completely shattered through the selfishness of others. The boys who robbed me of my innocence were not the only perpetrators. In my post Innocence Punished, I shared how the harsh discipline and lack of protection in my family taught me that the world was an unsafe place. I came to believe that I could trust no one, and that I was not worthy of being loved or protected.

Violent nightmares would rip me from sleep, and I would lay in the dark of my bedroom shaking in fear. Crying silently, all alone. During the day, I hid my secrets behind empty smiles.

Continue reading at Lisa’s blog…

4 thoughts on “His Precious One…

  1. wow, Kamea, you are SO brave and courageous to tell your story. thank you for sharing this post in the Beloved Brews Link up. hearing how God speaks to your heart — it soothes my heart… as i know what that feeling is like. to feel unsafe at home and how i lived and survived it emotionally — God has been healing me these past few years (have a you had a chance to read my book Finding Spiritual Whitespace? …) we’re kindreds on this journey.. you have a gift for writing. keep sharing your voice.. {sweet kindred, pretty please use the Beloved Brews button in your blog post so others can easily join in with us ?{use this html code herehttp://www.faithbarista.com/beloved-brews-button/} thank you!}

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    • Thank you so much for your kind words of encouragement, Bonnie. I know I am a couple of weeks late in my reply. Somehow your comment got filtered, and I missed it completely. I am so sorry. Your words of encouragement really do mean so much, especially when you said that I have a gift for writing. Sometimes it seems difficult to believe that my voice is heard, much less appreciated, in the massive blogging world. I have not had a chance to read your book yet, but I would love to, and will put it on my ‘to read’ list.
      Blessings sweet one,


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