Extend Grace…


Have you ever realized something about yourself that made you cringe inwardly?

A sudden awareness of your very human and flawed self?

Today, I did.

I sensed God showing me an area of hypocrisy in my life. And gently encouraging me to listen as He shared His perspective on the situation.

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Love of a Father…

Flower Girl

It shouldn’t surprise me.

This wondrous love of my heavenly Father.

Yet, somehow, it never ceases to amaze me when He reveals the fullness of His affection.

During a meeting with my Pastor last week, I shared that I have been feeling ‘stuck’ in my journey toward healing. I know that I have made tremendous gains in coming to understand the depths of God’s love for me. He has graciously surrounded me with love and support over the past few months, especially from many of you who have blessed me beyond measure with beautiful words of encouragement. Although there have still been difficult days, it has made a world of difference knowing that you are there to compassionately ‘listen’ as I share my heartache and brokenness. So thank you!

My loving, heavenly Father has also blessed me with a renewed strength that I know could only have come from Him. He has helped me to stand firmly against the lies of the evil one, saving me from spiraling downward into the pit of despair. I truly have much to be thankful for!

But the sense of being ‘stuck’ persists. The journey feels stagnant. There has been little, if any, moving forward. As he often does when there is no straightforward answer, my Pastor suggested we pray and ask God why things seem to have been put on hold.

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