Loving the Little One…

You are who he says you are

I have a confession.

Although I’ve loved sharing my journey of learning to discern God’s voice, and my passion for reaching my new friend Jeffrey with the truth of the gospel, I have also been avoiding.

Avoiding the pain of pushing forward on the journey toward healing. The pain of inviting Jehova Rapha, the God who heals, to expose the next layer of my brokenness, and to dispel the darkness with His glorious light.

I have been untrue to the mission of Incremental Healing. I have failed, for the past while, to share the hope that I have found as my heavenly Father leads me on the path toward healing. I have not offered reassurance that you are not alone, or encouraged you to persevere.

For this, I am deeply sorry.

While I will still share on other topics from time to time, I do not want to lose the focus of this place.

So, with all that said, I am ready to share another chapter of my story…

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Did Jesus Exist…

unsplash - Rula Sibai

Hi Jeffrey,

I know it has been a while since we “chatted” on Twitter. I am not usually one to jump into theological debates, and am certainly not an expert on apologetics, but felt I had to interject on that day. It saddened me when the professed ‘Christian’ you were talking to claimed that there is no love apart from God, and that you were not capable of love, not even for your son.

I felt a heaviness in my spirit. It bothered me that you were being unfairly judged, and that my faith was being inaccurately represented. I replied, “This saddens me. Of course you love your son – we are all made in God’s image – capable of love”.

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Intimacy with God…

unsplash - Alexander Shustov - text

I am on a journey.

A healing journey, yes, but also a journey of learning to cultivate intimacy with God.

This journey captivates me.

Hearing my heavenly Father speak words of love into my life has been life-giving and freeing. There is such joy in communicating with the Father in this way – in a relationship that is truly reciprocal.

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Conversations with an Atheist…

unsplash - Rula Sibai

I need your help.

Yes, you!

Before I explain, let me give you a brief backstory…

I was on social media the other day, and came across a conversation between a few self-proclaimed atheists, and a person who professed to be a Christian.

The conversation took a turn for the worse when the ‘Christian’ claimed that without Christ there is no love. I cringed as he went on to tell the other individual that he was incapable of loving, even his own child, apart from Christ. He went as far as to claim that this man would surely never die for anyone, not even his son.

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Just Listen…

unsplash - Dennis Ottink - text

I am directionally challenged.

Exceptionally so.

Those who know me best would agree, and have often been entertained by stories of my ineptitude.

Like the time I left the Toronto Zoo and drove over ½ an hour in the wrong direction, simply because all of the cars in front of me had turned right at the first major intersection, and I figured that must be the way to the highway.

Note to self – Just because everyone else is headed down a certain path, does not mean that it’s the right way to go!

I share all this to help you understand my worries about getting lost in the forest when I was at 3 Crosses a couple of weeks ago for the listening retreat…

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Thin Places…

unspash - Blake Richard Verdoorn - text

The early Celtic people believed that there were sacred places on Earth where one could experience God in a special and intimate way. Be closer to Him, if you will. Places where there was a very thin divide between our realm and the spiritual one.

Often these ‘thin places’ were found in the beauty of nature – mountain vistas, forest trails, pristine waterfalls, and along the gorgeous coastline. A place where “the veil between this world and the next is so sheer you can almost step through” (day1.org)

Have you ever experienced such a place? Somewhere you felt particularly close to God?

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