A Miracle in the Making…


I have the most wonderful news! Our pediatric oncologist called us this evening to share a most hopeful update. He started by saying that some of the test results have been very strange, not at all what he and the team had expected.

The initial biopsy results, from samples taken during the first surgery, had indicated Ependymoma. A nightmare of a diagnosis. We had been told that this was an incredibly stubborn tumour, extremely difficult to treat, and having a high rate of recurrence. The prognosis after failing to achieve a complete resection (removal of the tumour), was not good.

We were heartbroken at the bleak outlook, and yet never lost sight of hope. We know that we serve a mighty God. We believe that He is able to restore that which is broken, whether that be a grief-stricken heart, a shattered life, or in our case a very sick little boy.

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