A Beautiful Life…


This past week has been beyond amazing for our family. A much needed escape from the world of medical procedures, neurosurgery follow ups, and oncology appointments.

Just two weeks ago, we were offered a week long family vacation to Fort Myers, Florida. Initially, we did not even know how to respond to such a generous offer. It seemed surreal that someone we had never met would be so touched by Ethan’s story that they would want to bless us in such an incredible way.

Before deciding, we raised the question with Ethan’s medical team to see if he would be able to travel. They said that he was stable enough to go, but that we would be assuming the risk of having difficulties with his accessed port or his infection, and that neither of these would possibly be covered by any form of insurance because they were both preexisting medical conditions. We decided that we were willing to take the risk. Ethan was stable and well enough to enjoy the trip, and we have no way of knowing what the future may hold. We felt it was important to take this time as a family to celebrate our beautiful life.

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